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Annual seminars on personal injury and clinical negligence

Annual seminars on personal injury and clinical negligence

Cloisters' barristers Sally Cowen and Linda Jacobs recently gave a seminar on Current issues in PI and Clinical Negligence.

Sally Cowen's notes which focus on the personal injury element of this talk can be found here: current-trends-in-personal-injury.pdf 

The presentation which accompanied the talk can be found here: sally-cowen-and-linda-jacobs-current-trends-in-pi-septem2011--compatibility-mode-.pdf

Linda Jacobs' clinical negligence notes can be found here: lj-clin-neg--seminar.pdf

The notes for Martin Seaward and Nathaniel Caiden's seminar on The Blame Game: Contributory Negligence can be found below:

Notes - the-blame-game---contributory-negligence---final-15-sep-2011.pdf

Slides - final-ver---seminar---nc-and-mse--the-blame-game--compatibility-mode-.pdf

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