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The Supreme Court considers the right to be forgotten in landmark case about gender reassignment

On Monday and Tuesday next week (10 & 11 July 2017), the Supreme Court will hear a vital case concerning transgender rights:  C v Secretary of State for Work and Pension

Claire McCann is appearing for the Appellant, who is in receipt of Jobseekers’ Allowance and who argues that the Department for Work and Pensions’ data retention and processing regime operates in such a way that her transgender status is revealed to Job Centre staff, against her wishes and when this is not relevant to her benefits claims.  The Appellant argues that this regime violates her right to respect for private life and discriminates against her because of gender reassignment. The case is especially important because it is the first time the Supreme Court will consider the scope of the right to gender recognition under section 9 of the Gender Recognition Act 2004.  The Supreme Court website contains further case details here.

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