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Mr Shenton, the Claimant, was the theatre critic for Sunday Express and claimed he was an employee. The case was set to have important ramifications for the newspaper industry, as well as others, given freelancers such as Mr Shenton were commonly used and so could have opened up future 'freelancer' employee status claims. He also claimed that he was discriminated against on grounds of sexual orientation, because he had been outed by a reader as appearing on a pornographic website. This resulted in the termination of the arrangement which the Claimant argued was discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation. The Employment Tribunal concluded the Claimant was not an employee and at [61] in relation to the discrimination claim stated: "The Tribunal concluded that the Respondents would have reacted teh same way in respect of anyone in the Claimant's position, in other Continue reading
Daphne Romney QC is representing Denise Aubrey, former Chief Legal Adviser to Northumbria Police in a claim against her former employer the Chief Constable Sue Sim. She was dismissed in April 2014 for gross misconduct and is claiming constructive dismissal, breach of contract, disability discrimination, sex discrimination, victimisation and dismissal by reason of protected disclosure. The Claimant’s case is that the Chief Constable and Deputy  CC were behind her dismissal. The case has yet to be heard but is already featured in the local press. Continue reading
Andrew Buchan working with Howard Hymanson from Harbottle and Lewis, wins substantial personal injury damages award in work related stress and bullying claim: Susan Richardson, represented by Andrew Buchan instructed by Harbottle & Lewis, recently recovered a substantial six-figure personal injury damages award for a work related stress and bullying claim against the Priory Hospital Group. Susan Richardson began working at the Priory Hospital Chelmsford in 2001 and, following a series of promotions, became a member of the senior management team. In 2005, the Priory Group was taken over by ABN AMRO which led to significant pressure to cut staff costs. Ms Richardson alleged, along with other employees, that this was to the detriment of patient care and resulted in her workload becoming intolerable. Her complaints of excessive work demands, poor staff morale and the impact on her health were largely Continue reading
For a copy of Sian McKinley's article "Disclosure in Direct Discrimination Cases" which featured in the October ELA Briefing please click here. Continue reading
We are delighted to announce that Jason Galbraith-Marten QC has been named the Labour and Employment Lawyer of the year for the UK by the Lawyer Monthly Magazine. For further details click here Continue reading