Applying EU Anti-Discrimination Law


Cloisters barrister Tom Brown is one of the speakers at the prestigious ‘Applying EU Anti-Discrimination Law’ seminar being held  on 20- 21 April 2015 at the ERA Conference Centre, Trier, Germany.

The seminar organised by the ERA on behalf of the European Commission is aimed at legal practitioners from EU member states and countries that have agreed to participate in the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme. Delegates include trade unions, employers associations, NGOs, labour inspectorates, equality bodies etc.

The two–day event will provide an overview of the two European directives prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnic origin in a number of areas, as well as on disability, age, sexual orientation or religion/belief in employment and occupation.

The key topics covered include:

  • Overview of EU legislation on equal treatment and its relationship with the EU Charter, the European Convention, and United Nations Human Rights treaties.
  • Definition of key concepts (direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment).
  • Burden of proof and access to evidence.
  • Remedies and sanctions.
  • Different protected grounds, with special attention to the Court of Justice.

Tom’s session, on Tuesday 21 April,  will be a workshop entitled: applying EU anti-discrimination law in a domestic case.

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