Daphne Romney QC


Year of Silk/Call: 2009/1979

020 7827 4000

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A tough advocate, expert in high-value, very complex litigation, Daphne has a broad range of clients, from well-known multi-national companies to high profile and non-high profile individuals with cases in the High Court, ET, EAT and Court of Appeal in all types of employment claims.

Practice Areas: Commercial Law | Discrimination & Equality | Employment | Sport & Entertainment | Regulatory and Public


"She is widely praised by respondents for her exceptional dedication to clients as well as her rigorous intellectual approach.'

‘Noted for her superb work ethic and never-say-die attitude; she rolls her sleeves up and supports clients admirably.’




Daphne Romney QC Ah! Proof the Tokai has kicked in. Adorn!
About 13 hours ago
Daphne Romney QC @GerardJPClarke Sadly so but there is a rescue attempt in hand
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