Blackstone’s Guide to the Care Standards Act 2000


Philip Engelman and Paul Spencer

The Care Standards Act 2000 came into force in April 2002 and provides for the administration of a variety of care institutions, including children’s homes, independent hospitals, nursing and residential care homes.This Act replaces the Registered Homes Act 1984 and those parts of the Childrens Act 1989 which are relevant to the care or the accommodation of children. It is a major piece of legislation which seeks to substantially reform the law relating to the inspection and regulation of homes. This book provides an in-depth guide to the new framework and offers advice on the practical and procedural effects. It also covers judicial review procedures and the potential human rights implications of the new Act.

Readership: Legal practitioners, local government officers and agencies, working in the field of registered homes and care standards. Health Care Managers and professionals.

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