Catherine Casserley instructed in Little Mix sign language row.

CatherineCasserley267x400Catherine Casserley, an expert in disability discrimination is instructed for a deaf mother who is suing Little Mix promoter in sign language argument. 

In order that she could fully access the performance, Sally Reynolds asked the organisers of a Little Mix concert, LHG Live, to provide a British Sign Language interpreter.

Under the Equality Act 2010, any organisation supplying a service to the public is under a duty to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that a disabled person’s experience is as close as possible to that of someone without a disability.

An interpreter was provided for Sally for the duration of the Little Mix show, however, the interpreter had not been booked for the supporting acts. Having paid for her ticket, but not receiving the same experience as other audience members, Sally Reynolds is now issuing legal proceedings for the failure to make reasonable adjustments, in the form of supplying an interpreter, for the whole concert.

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