Claire McCann: What privacy rights do employees have in the workplace?


Claire McCann 2015 051Get out of my Face…book! Can employees enjoy any privacy in the workplace?

Experienced employment, discrimination and equality barrister, Claire McCann, will host the above session in Manchester tomorrow evening (Tuesday 9th January).

Claire will examine recent case law in her attempt to unpick some of the thorny questions thrown up by the intersection of work and private life: Is there a right to privacy at work? If so, in what circumstances can employers interfere with that right? Is an employee’s conduct outside work ever relevant to their employment? To what extent are employers permitted to monitor employees (including internet use, social media activity and emails)? What about enhanced DBS checks and the “barred” lists under the SVGA 2006? And when is an employer permitted to request disclosure about private matters such as health, disability, political or religious beliefs, gender identity, sexuality or even life-style choices? 

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