Cloisters awarded Well-being Certificate of Recognition

Cloisters has been awarded a Wellbeing Certificate of Recognition by the Bar Council’s Wellbeing at the Bar Working Group.

Cloisters decided to promote well-being in the work place to raise awareness among barristers and staff of the benefits of reducing stress and anxiety caused by excessively busy professional lives. We begun to tackle well being in the work place by hosting events and initiatives to encourage barristers and staff to take active steps to support one another within our workplace. These events have included an talk addressing work-life balance for parents, in-house massages and a 30 minute stretch class.

The Wellbeing at the Bar Group has said, “Cloisters demonstrate a well-considered and thoughtful approach to well-being, offering a range of events and interventions, and piloting events to test the response.”

See our full Wellbeing at the Bar case study here.