Cloisters’ barristers join 343 lawyers in criticising UK’s “deeply inadequate” response to refugee crisis


Cloisters’ barristers, Sir Stephen Sedley, Robin Allen QC, Patricia Hitchcock QC, Caspar Glyn QC and Schona Jolly are among 343 lawyers who have signed a statement attacking the government for its “deeply inadequate” response to the Syrian refugee crisis. The signatories include the most senior ranks of the retired judiciary.

Sir Stephen Sedley, former Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal said: “Since refuge from persecution and war is a universal human right, this means recognising that our Government’s present offer to take no more than 20,000 Syrian refugees over five years is wholly inadequate.

“As a stable and prosperous country, we can do better than this.”

The lawyers are also calling for the suspension of the “Dublin system” – by which refugees must seek asylum in the first EU country they arrive in.

The full statement and list of signatories can be seen here.

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