Cloisters’ briefing series on key implications of the Equality Act 2010


Cloisters has been at the forefront of work on the new Act, advising government, employers, trade unions, the EHRC and public authorities on what should go into the Act and how it should work. Our barristers have been involved in drafting the new codes of practice, lectured widely on it and have written or contributed to the leading books on the new Act.

Jacques Algazy QC – The tests for territorial jurisdiction and the implications of Simpson v Intralinks: jacques-algazy-qc-viewpoint-1.pdf 

Dee Masters looks at Brennan v Sunderland Council and the implications for equal pay litigation in the NHS: dee-masters-brennan.pdf

Claire McCann looks at what X v Mid Sussex CAB tells us about volunteer rights in the workplace: cm-ela-article—x-v-mid-sussex-cab-feb-2011.pdf

Anna Beale and Olivia-Faith Dobbie look at whether an individual can bring a discrimination claim which alleges that the discrimination was on the basis of the combination of two different protected characteristics: viewpoint-6—dual-discrimination.pdf

Rachel Crasnow looks at perceived discrimination – the extent to which definitions of disability cover cases where a victim of discrimination is mistakenly thought to be disabled: equalities-5-perceived-discrimination-and-disability.pdf

Jason Galbraith-Marten and Chris Milsom look at what happens when rights clash outside of the workplace and in particular the case of Hall and Preddy v Bull: equalities-briefing-4-jason-galbraith-marten-and-chris–milsom.pdf

Daphne Romney QC explains how section 77 of the Act does not ‘ban secrecy clauses’, but reclassifies what is enforceable when it comes to preventing employees from disclosing their pay: daphne-romney-s–77.pdf

Robin Allen QC considers how the Equality Act 2010 will impact on compromise agreements and covers section 147 of the new Act: robin-allen-compromise-agreements.pdf

Rachel Crasnow starts the series considering one of the most radical aspects of the Act – the prohibition of pre-employment health enquiries: rachel-crasnow-health-enquiries.pdf

Commencement – for checking if the Act applies to a new case you can reference the commencement order: no.-4-commencement-order.pdf