Cloisters’ Diversity Data


In accordance with the BSB Equality Rules, Cloisters has gathered diversity data from its members and staff.  The data has been collated and is now published in these tables.

Almost all members of chambers’ workforce provided their diversity data and consented to its publication. We therefore have a representative data set across the groups within chambers. There are separate tables in respect of QCs, junior tenants and staff, although as we have only two pupils, their data is not published here.

Not all members of chambers’ workforce consented to the publication of data as to sexual orientation and religion/belief, so in accordance with the BSB rules, we have not published this data in respect of any member of the workforce.

The BSB rules require express consent for publication of data where there are fewer than ten people with the relevant characteristic in the group. For this reason, some data relating to certain characteristics has not been published in the junior tenants’ table. All QCs and staff members who consented to publication of their data also consented to publication where fewer than ten people shared the relevant characteristic.

Cloisters’ Diversity Data Officer is Anna Beale. Anna is happy to answer any queries about equality and diversity within chambers.