Cloisters responds to consultation by Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on workplace disputes


Resolving Workplace Disputes: A Consultation

The Response of Cloisters 

Cloisters barristers’ chambers consists of some 50 barristers, the majority of whom specialise in employment law (see cloister.code). We appear in almost all major employment litigation and are recognised as leading experts on equality and discrimination issues. Our award-winning employment team includes both the Chair of the Employment Law Bar Association and the Chair of the Industrial Law Society, as well as the immediate past Chair of the Discrimination Law Association. 

We represent individuals from school kitchen assistants to premiership football players and employers ranging from the biggest multinationals to small and medium sized enterprises. We advise across all industry sectors ranging from media to financial services and public sector bodies and regulators from the Fire Service to the FSA.

We appear daily in Employment Tribunals, across the UK, and very frequently in the Employment Appeal Tribunal, Court of Appeal and further appellate courts.

We have decided to submit a response to this Consultation since the issues raised are ones with which we are very familiar from our knowledge of Tribunal practice and procedure gained over more than 40 years. We are also very well aware that such changes will have a significant impact upon our clients.

Download the full article here: cloisters-consultation-response-to-resolving-workplace-disputes.pdf