Dame Laura Cox of Cloisters to lead review for Fawcett Society


Today, it has been announced that Dame Laura Cox from Cloisters will lead a nine-month inquiry for the Fawcett Society. Additionally, Anna Beale, Rachel Crasnow QC and Daphne Romney QC also from Cloisters will join Dame Laura Cox as additional panel members.

The review into the UK’s gender discrimination laws will be launched due to the fear of a post-Brexit move toward a lower regulation economy, which could erode rights that protect people against discrimination.

Cloisters is delighted to have our very own Dame Laura Cox, former Head of Chambers and other barristers from Cloisters play a pivotal role in this important inquiry.

“Some of the basic rights that we now take for granted – pregnancy and maternity rights, part-time workers’ rights, equal pay for work of equal value – are all at risk if the UK becomes a low-regulation economy,” Cox said in an interview with the Guardian.