Daphne Romney QC talks on Radio 4 about the culture of sexual discrimination and harassment in the City


Daphne Romney QC talked to Jenni Murray on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour on 30 April 2015 about why sexual discrimination and harassment are still so rife in the City and how women who object to the aggressive and often crude  male sexual messages are often described as ‘cry-babies’.

“What men see as ‘banter’ other people see as abuse “, she says. She also described the mental and physical toll and career consequences of bringing proceedings in a tribunal.

Svetlana Lokhova, the City Banker who was awarded £3 million pay-out for sex discrimination and harassment at work described  how she was subjected to vicious rumours and lies being spread about her to colleagues that effectively ruined her career.

To hear the recording link to Radio 4  Woman’s Hour Sexism in the City   (34.10 minutes in)