Declan O’Dempsey speaks at European Commission’s seminar ‘Enforcement of equality and anti-discrimination law’ on 28 November 2014

Cloisters’ barrister, Declan O’Dempsey, is speaking at the Legal Seminar ‘Enforcement of equality and anti-discrimination law’ on  28 November 2014 at Courtyard Marriott Hotel
Avenue des Olympiades 6, Brussels.

Declan’s workshop session covers The Burden of Proof

The shift of the burden of proof is an essential procedural issue for equality and discrimination law; common to all grounds and to all European countries. Participants will be invited to discuss and reflect upon the implementation of this rule by national and European courts, and its importance for the effective enforcement of EU law in these areas. A recent thematic report of the European Network of Legal Experts in the non-discrimination field which looks into this issue will be presented, as will a detailed case-study which the participants will be invited to discuss.