Direct Access

All of our barristers who undertake public access work are specially trained to work direct with clients and will support and guide you through the legal process to help secure the desired outcome.

Examples of the types of cases we regularly handle:

  • Employment issues - equal pay claims, occupational stress, Working Time regulations, TUPE, human rights
  • Discrimination on grounds of age, disability, race or sex
  • Personal injury - industrial, sports and road traffic accidents, traumatic brain or spinal injury
  • Commercial disputes - partnership and director, bonus and commission and contractual issues
  • Regulatory and public law - care standards, educational and disciplinary tribunals, professional regulatory bodies

Referring a case to us

To find out if your case is suitable for referral to Cloisters Direct, for the details we’ll need from you and how costs are calculated, please see our FAQs.

To refer a case to us, please complete the form below.

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