Ed Williams and Jennifer Danvers successfully defend School against allegations that Senior Leadership Team forged resignation letters of teaching assistants


Ed Williams and Jennifer Danvers successfully defended a school in Birmingham against allegations that the senior leadership team had forged the resignation letters of teaching assistants. The facts of the case were described in the so called Trojan horse letter, which detailed a blueprint to introduce an Islamist ethos into schools in Birmingham and Bradford.

Four members of staff at Adderley primary school alleged that the letters of resignation from them, which the school accepted, were forgeries. All four took the school to the Employment Tribunal. Three of the claimants alleged that the head teacher and senior leadership team were behind the forgeries.

The Tribunal rejected the cases of these three claimants, holding that they took part in the production of their resignation letters and that “they were each involved in the deception. They each intended to make [the Head Teacher] believe that they had resigned”. 

The Tribunal upheld a claim for unfair dismissal by a fourth Claimant, finding that she did not take any part in the creation of her own resignation letter so had been dismissed.  However, the Tribunal did not find that the School had anything to do with the creation of the resignation letter and found that it held a genuine belief that the claimant had tendered her resignation.   

Trojan Horse tribunal rejects Muslim teaching assistants’ unfair dismissal claims