Ed Williams defends school named in ‘Operation Trojan Horse’


Ed Williams is currently defending Adderley Primary School, one of the Birmingham schools allegedly targeted by Islamists in what the Sunday Times and the BBC have dubbed ‘Operation Trojan Horse’, and extraordinary plot by Islamic fundamentalist to take control of several non-faith schools in Birmingham by ‘Jihad’.

The Claimants, 4 teaching assistants, allege that letters of resignation from them that the school accepted are forgeries. All 4 have taken the school to the Employment Tribunal. They suggest that the Head Teacher and senior leadership team are behind the forgeries.

The school say the resignation letters are genuine and part of a wider conspiracy to unseat the Head Teacher and turn the school into an Islamic academy/free school. As a result of a whistle blower at Birmingham City Council, documents have recently been disclosed to the national media that if true are highly relevant to Adderley’s defence, namely a wider Islamist plan to unseat head teachers across Birmingham to ensure that the schools are turned into Islamic academies on strict religious lines. There is also a separate Police investigation