Equality and Human Rights Commission Consultation on Draft Age Supplement Code


On 24 March 2014 the EHRC opened a consultation on a draft Age Supplement to the Code of Practice on services, public functions and associations.  The purpose of the Age Supplement is to provide guidance on how the new law on age discrimination, which came into force in October 2012, potentially affects services, public functions and associations.  The Commission has a statutory duty to provide such guidance.  The reason for providing it is to ensure that the law is applied consistently by lower courts and tribunals, and to make it accessible to a wider audience, such as those who have responsibilities under the new provisions and those who have rights. Respondents to the consultation are asked to comment on how clear and comprehensive the draft Age Supplement is. One specific aspect of the consultation is the potential costs and benefits of the new law, about which respondents are asked specific questions. The consultation closes on 2 May 2014.

The draft guidance covers:

  • An introduction.
  • Direct discrimination.
  • Indirect discrimination.
  • Harassment, victimisation and other unlawful acts.
  • Positive action.
  • Services and public functions.
  • Associations.
  • Application of general exceptions to the protected characteristic of age.
  • Age specific exception: concessionary services.
  • Age specific exception: financial services.
  • Other age specific exceptions.
  • Enforcement.

The new supplementary code will be laid before Parliament for approval later 2014.