Human rights implications of Brexit: Cloisters provides evidence to Joint Committee on Human Rights


Schona Jolly, Rachel Crasnow QC, Jason Galbraith-Marten QC, Dee Masters and Jennifer Danvers provided written evidence to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights concerning the human rights implications of Brexit. They argued that there were fundamental tracts of legislation relating to workers’ rights that are likely to be removed once the UK leaves the European Union, notwithstanding the Great Repeal Act. They also expressed serious concerns about the removal of the CJEU as a supra-national court which seeks to apply a broad and purposive interpretation of the law in equality and in employment, without which, many seminal steps in these areas of law would not have been made. Accordingly, they argue that there is no easy resolution to the loss of that court. Each of them has extensive experience in this area and are specialist practitioners.  

A copy of their submission is available here: