Human Rights Litigation in the UK and Australia


Stephen Sedley: Julian is an Australian silk of very great distinction with a very interesting variety of experience which as you will see in a moment rather mirrors the kind of interests that we at Cloisters have always had.

Cloisters goes back a long way. When I came to the Bar, its founder, D N Pritt, a commercial silk and MP was still alive and took an interest in how I was doing. He told me a number of useful and interesting things including how he handled the House of Lords when arguing Bell v Lever Brothers in 1931 or 1932. We reach back some way.

One of the things that was passed on to me after Pritt’s death was the silk gown which was made for him as a gift in India by the clients who he defended in the Meerut conspiracy trial, one of the great moments of colonial history. That gown has remained in chambers and been worn by a number of us successively on the rare occasions when we have taken silk.

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