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Cloisters' Employment and Discrimination seminars

Cloisters' Employment and Discrimination seminars
Cloisters' highly acclaimed autumn seminar programme on employment and discrimination on 13 and 15 October 2015 is featured below.
Venue Cloisters. 1 Pump Court EC4Y 7AA
Time 18.15 - 19.45
CPD for each talk is 1.5
Cakes, obesity and no room on buses!
Tuesday 13 October
  • Upcoming challenges in employment discrimination law
    • Who is protected?
      • What is disability?
      • Religion, philosophical belief or neither?
    •  Indirect discrimination
  • o Lessons to be learned from non-employment discrimination cases
    • Proportionality
    • Reasonable adjustments
    • Balancing rights: sexual orientation and religion and belief
Working out working time
Thursday 15 October
  •  Calculating the correct sum for holiday pay
    • Overtime, commission, deferred pay, tips etc.
    • Appropriate reference period for calculating average / normal pay
  • On call time and working time (recent developments)
  • Modern methods of working (mobile and online etc.)
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