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Sally Robertson's update on race discrimination law

Sally Robertson's update on race discrimination law

Central Law Training, Race Discrimination

Notes prepared by Sally Robertson, Cloisters

Introduction – statistics

1. The Tribunals Service statistics shows that in 2009-2010, some 5,700 race discrimination claims were received (about 8% of all single claims). It processed 4,500 cases of which 38% achieved ACAS conciliated settlements, 30% were withdrawn (settlement status not known), 7% were struck out (not at a hearing) and 5% were dismissed at a preliminary hearing.

2. Of the 830 cases that made it to a full tribunal hearing, 15% were unsuccessful. Just 3% of race complainants, or 130 people, succeeded at tribunal. This is about par with other protected status jurisdictions: higher than sex, religious belief and age (all at 2%), the same as disability, but lower than sexual orientation (5%). The median award, based on records of just 68 cases, was £5,392. The maximum was £374,922.

Download the full article here: race-disc-clt-2011-notes_20140303-141235_1.pdf

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