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Religion or belief and GORs. Bumper CJEU Round-Up, Part 2

In the second part of this two-part blog, Cloisters’  Schona Jolly QC  and  Sarah Fraser Butlin  look at important new developments from the CJEU on the genuine occupational requirement in the context of religion or belief discrimination in the Framework Directive. When does a requirement to profess a faith, or to follow a parti...
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A new dawn for the Charter? Bumper CJEU Round-Up,  Part 1

In a two-part blog, Cloisters’ Schona Jolly QC and Sarah Fraser Butlin look at important new developments from the CJEU on the Charter of Fundamental Rights, religion or belief discrimination and working time. It’s been something of a bumper few weeks at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (‘CJEU’) where an expansive use of the Charter of F...
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