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New Paper by Rachel Crasnow QC, Discrimination Law in 2018: Pregnancy, Maternity and Parental Rights

Employment specialist Rachel Crasnow QC  has published a new paper entitled Discrimination Law in 2018 . Rachel's paper focuses on "issues that are thrown up by working adults juggling domestic and professional life." including pregnancy, maternity and parential rights. In this new paper Rachel explains how "this area of the law is never stati...
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Is Enhanced Shared Parental Pay Legal?

The EAT will hear the appeal in Ali v Capita Customer Management Ltd today on the issue of whether employers who offer enhanced maternity pay must also offer enhanced Shared Parental Pay.  The joined appeal of Hextall v Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police will take place in January 2018.  Si├ón McKinley considers the significance of t...
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