Declan O’Dempsey to discuss “Litigating Human Rights in the EU” at Maynooth University


Declan O’Dempsey will be speaking on “Litigating Human Rights in the EU” at  Maynooth University Department of Law at the international Jean Monnet Summer School “The EU and Human Rights in a Time of Crisis” on 19 June 2017.

How will the EU’s commitment to human rights influence its relationship to the UK post-Brexit?  The summer school explores the development of the protection of human rights in the EU analysing CJEU case law, and EU legislative and policy measures.  It will examine the role of human rights’ promotion in EU external relations.  The approach of the CJEU in particular to human rights will influence the types of agreement the EU is likely to want to reach with the UK, and may help to secure human rights standards in the UK, by linking it to the maintenance of existing human rights standards. The summer school is part of the EU External Relations project. To apply please click here.