New Paper by Rachel Crasnow QC, Discrimination Law in 2018: Pregnancy, Maternity and Parental Rights

Employment specialist Rachel Crasnow QC has published a new paper entitled Discrimination Law in 2018.

Rachel’s paper focuses on “issues that are thrown up by working adults juggling domestic and professional life.” including pregnancy, maternity and parential rights.

In this new paper Rachel explains how “this area of the law is never static… there are new categories of parents seeking legal protection: from self-employed to foster parents. New situations require determination: from women obtaining redundancy rights potentially even before they know they are pregnant and claimants challenging the UK status quo on breastfeeding at work. Despite the looming shadow of Brexit, EU law continues to inform and guide the development of UK discrimination law. The law on parental rights is likewise informed by social and political debate and this lecture is in some sense a continuation of the casework and internal discussions I and my colleagues have at Cloisters, where we are fortunate enough to have responsibility for novel and ground breaking cases in this area.”

Read the full paper here.

Rachel delivered this paper to the Trades Union Congress on January 26th 2018 and the Equality and Human Rights commission on January 29th 2018 in collaboration with Michael Rubenstein Conferences Ltd.