New rights for surrogate parents as part of innovative overhaul of flexible parental leave framework


By Rachel Crasnow, barrister at Cloisters, author and  co-editor of Family Rights at Work: Jordans 2012

Parental leave is to be shared more equally in the future. From 2015 the UK will have a new system of flexible parental
leave in place.

On 13 November 2012 the Deputy Prime Minister introduced an entirely new system of flexible parental leave. It is intended to shift the status quo away from the current conventional cycle where women take the bulk of the parental leave (they get statutory leave and pay for 9 months, whereas men only get their 2 weeks of parental paid leave). What frequently happens thereafter is that mothers continue to be the primary carers, going part-time, earning less, and finding it difficult to return to their pre- maternity earnings level.

Rather than introduce the “use or or lose it” Scandinavian-type paternity-leave schemes, which is said to be too costly currently since it would involve additions to the total leave parents already get, the Government has opted for a shared system of leave.

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