Aslam & Farrar v Uber: Jason Galbraith-Marten QC and Sheryn Omeri appear in Supreme Court


Jason Galbraith-Marten QC and Sheryn Omeri in Supreme Court today on first gig economy case


Today, Cloisters’ Jason Galbraith-Marten QC and Sheryn Omeri will appear before the Supreme Court on behalf of the lead Claimant Uber drivers in the case of Aslam & Farrar v Uber. This is the first “gig economy” case to reach the Supreme Court. It will determine whether Uber drivers are workers and therefore entitled to minimum wage and holiday pay, and to protection from discrimination and dismissal for whistleblowing, or whether they are independent contractors and therefore not entitled to any employment rights or protections. The case will affect 50,000 Uber drivers in the UK as well as others who work in the “gig economy.” It is also likely to influence decisions of courts in other jurisdictions when they come to decide cases about the employment status of “gig economy” workers.


Recognising the significance of the case, the Supreme Court has allocated 7 justices to hear it.


The hearing will take place over 2 days today and tomorrow. It will be live streamed through the Supreme Court’s website.


The Supreme Court’s notice of the case may be accessed here: SUPREME COURT NOTICE