Cloisters’ Legal 500 Rankings 2021

We are delighted to announce that Cloisters has ranked across 6 practice areas and is recommended as a top tier set for employment law by the Legal 500. In the 2021 edition they stated that “no other barrister chambers provided as comprehensive support to lawyers”. We are extremely proud of all of our barristers and staff for their contributions to another successful year in Chambers as recognised by the Legal 500.

Individual acknowledgments and congratulations go out to the following ranking barristers this year:


Employment Law

Robin Allen QC (Tier 1)
“Very impressive and highly knowledgeable – one of the set’s leading lights”

Paul Epstein QC (Tier 1)
“A fantastic QC for complex matters and a brilliant strategist”

Caspar Glyn QC (Tier 2)
“A robust and confidence-inspiring approach, exhaustive preparation and supreme mastery of advocacy and its tactics”

Rachel Crasnow QC (Tier 3)
“Excellent with clients; they really engage with her, and she has the ear of the court and its respect. She can disseminate facts quickly and make instant decisions, and makes complex facts simple”

Jason Galbraith-Marten QC (Tier 3)
“Excellent to work with as he is down to earth, very knowledgeable, practical, prompt, and gives straightforward advice”

Schona Jolly QC (Tier 3)
“A deadly cross-examiner, she achieves things other silks simply can’t pull off; her advocacy is very convincing and she is able to read the judge perfectly, knowing when to focus on a point and when to move on”

Daphne Romney QC (Tier 3)
“An outstanding employment barrister with a phenomenal reputation”

Jacques Algazy QC (Tier 4)
“A punchy opponent who fights hard for his clients”

Tom Coghlin QC (Tier 4)
“A truly impressive advocate, who is calm, courteous, unruffled, and able to deal effortlessly with the most difficult arguments bowled at him”

Claire McCann (Tier 1)
“Always extremely well prepared, great at building relationships with clients, and thoughtful and extremely bright. She gives clear advice on complex issues and is very methodical in her approach”

Anna Beale (Tier 2)
“Always happy to hop on client calls, explains complex issues in lay terms, and is highly rated technically”

Dee Masters (Tier 2)
“Strategic, insightful and excellent technically, with great commercial acumen and excellent inter-personal skills with witnesses, opposing counsel, judges and panels. A great asset to have on your team!”

Paul Michell (Tier 2)
“Has incredible attention to detail and an in-depth understanding of the law. At the same time, he is commercial in his approach and understands the needs of clients, so as to give clear direction on the strategy of a case”

Christopher Milsom (Tier 2)
“A very good advocate who fights hard for his clients, and is measured and responsive in court – clients really appreciate him”

Declan O’Dempsey (Tier 2)
“Outstanding. Very personable, helpful, and thorough”

Catherine Casserley (Tier 3)
“Consistently instructed in significant cases and is particularly sought out for discrimination matters”

Olivia-Faith Dobbie (Tier 3)
“Provides digestible and commercial advice that clients can rely upon”

Tom Brown (Tier 4)
“Highly intelligent and a real strategist”

Daniel Dyal (Tier 4)
“Very detailed approach and the advice is extremely thorough”

Caroline Musgrave (Tier 4)
“A forensic mind, with a fantastic work ethic and great client care skills; she is also always very supportive”

Adam Ohringer (Tier 4)
“Incredibly thorough, and deals calmly and sensitively with clients. He is a lateral thinker, and has the ability to digest all relevant facts and assess a case’s strengths and weaknesses at speed”

Akua Reindorf (Tier 4)
“Outstanding skills all round, including brilliant, highly effective advocacy and incredibly clear, understandable written advice – makes the most complex points seem straightforward”

Chesca Lord (Tier 5)
“Extremely clever, tactically astute and commercially focused. She is always calm and reassuring (particularly with witnesses), while at the same time fiercely competitive – our go-to counsel for all employment law work”


Clinical Negligence

Simon Taylor QC (Tier 1)
“Displays a peerless mastery of birth injury claims”

William Latimer-Sayer QC (Tier 3)
“Has a superb ability to quantify and maximise the value of the most catastrophic cases”

Joel Donovan QC (Tier 4)
“A good tactician who has a steely determination when dealing with opponents”

Patricia Hitchcock QC (Tier 4)
“Amongst the most forensic counsel who is willing to explore all avenues for the client”

Simon Dyer QC (Tier 5)
“A highly eloquent, unflappable and effective negotiator”

Sarah Fraser Butlin (Tier 3)
“Very bright and technically able. Very strong on quantum and an excellent member of the team at conferences and roundtable settlement meetings. A breath of fresh air”

Anna Beale (Tier 3)
“A compelling advocate who can readily put clients at their ease and win their trust”

Linda Jacobs (Tier 4)
“Astonishing medical knowledge and attention to detail”

Martyn McLeish (Tier 4)
“An approachable and collaborative barrister who builds a rapport with clients which facilitates their acceptance of difficult advice”


Civil Liberties & Human Rights

Robin Allen QC (Tier 3)
“At the cutting edge of equality law and discrimination issues. He has been instructed in some of the most authoritative cases on these matters”

Schona Jolly QC (Tier 4)
“She is fiercely intelligent and uses her formidable intellect to pursue the best practical outcome for her clients. A creative thinker, she is able to think outside the box to devise avenues of argument to get the best outcome”

Claire McCann (Tier 3)
“The ultimate iron fist in a velvet glove. She is able to unravel complex issues and deliver clear, quick and high impact advice with sensitivity”


Inquests & Inquiries

Linda Jacobs (Tier 3)
“Excellent advocate at inquests. Her medical background really helps, she has great empathy with clients, and explains the whole process really well. Her cross-examination is also thoughtful and well prepared”



Caspar Glyn QC (Tier 3)
“So many strengths: Confident, lots of energy, leadership, fantastic technical knowledge. Noted for contractual and employment disputes”


Personal Injury 

William Latimer-Sayer QC (Tier 2)
“Has an unsurpassed knowledge of catastrophic injury claims and how to maximise their value”

Patricia Hitchcock QC (Tier 3)
“Handles both complex liability and quantum matters”

Joel Donovan QC (Tier 4)
“Quickly grasps issues and can develop sound arguments in unusual situations”

Daniel Lawson (Tier 1)
“An outstanding advocate, especially when it comes to complex public liability cases”