Cloisters’ Legal 500 Rankings 2022

We are delighted to announce that Cloisters has been ranked across 5 practice areas and is once again recommended as a tier one set for employment law by the Legal 500. In the 2022 edition they stated that “many Cloisters barristers are the undisputed leaders in their field” and “are continually at the forefront of ground-breaking cases”We are extremely proud of all of our barristers and staff for their contributions to another successful year as recognised by the Legal 500.  

Individual acknowledgments and congratulations go out to the following ranked barristers this year:  


Employment Law  

Robin Allen QC (Tier 1)  

‘Thorough and very knowledgeable on the issues in the claim, has good rapports with the judges and clients, and responsive and pleasant to work with.’  

Paul Epstein QC (Tier 1)  

‘Super-bright, very calm in a crisis, client friendly, and excellent at providing good strategic advice. Very happy to chat around issues and arguments – an excellent team player.’  

Jason Galbraith-Marten QC (Tier 2)  

‘Great for tricky and complex discrimination cases and a real team player.’  

Caspar Glyn QC (Tier 2)  

‘Always brilliantly prepared and a commanding force in the court room. Clients love his forceful and challenging approach – win or lose, clients feel their case was fully argued.’  

Rachel Crasnow QC (Tier 3)  

‘Calm under pressure, quick on the uptake, client friendly, and engaging.’  

Schona Jolly QC (Tier 3)  

‘Her work rate is phenomenal, but Schona also has a complete mastery of the facts, the industrial context, and the legal issues at play. Her advice is both robust and sensitive, which is a rare combination, and her authority on the legal issues unparalleled.’  

Daphne Romney QC (Tier 3)  

‘A formidable barrister – one of the employment Bar’s leading lights.’  

Jacques Algazy QC (Tier 4)  

‘Greatly admired.’  

Tom Coghlin QC (Tier 4)  

‘Tom is a fantastic barrister. He is supremely well prepared on all occasions, and clearly has the confidence of any tribunal he appears before. His advocacy is calm, measured and methodical – devastatingly understated.’  

Ed Williams QC (Tier 4)   

‘Very bright, calm under pressure and a delight to deal with. Clients and instructing solicitors alike love working with him.’  

Claire McCann (Tier 1)  

‘Flawless attention to detail, adept at handling the most complex matters, and a meticulous and detailed approach to all matters. Extensive knowledge of complex areas of the law, and a brilliant communicator who is wonderful with clients. Extremely pleasant to deal with, but also a fantastically strong tribunal advocate and marvellous cross-examiner.’  

Christopher Milsom (Tier 1)  

‘QC in the making – Christopher has a formidable brain.’  

Anna Beale (Tier 2)  

‘Excellent – a great eye for detail, masters issues quickly, responsive, and easy to engage with.’  

Dee Masters (Tier 2)  

‘Excellent technically, as well as having great commercial acumen and fantastic client relationship skills. Strategic in her overview of cases and advice, and very insightful. Dee has brilliant knowledge of discrimination law and how it works in practice.’  

Paul Michell (Tier 2)  

‘Paul is just outstanding to work with – laser-like attention to detail, sharp on his feet and good with clients.’  

Declan O’Dempsey (Tier 2)  

‘Declan has an extremely detailed knowledge of the law and solicitors often instruct him for complex discrimination law matters. He puts across his case clearly and effectively in tribunal. Declan is also very good with the clients, taking time to explain things.’  

Tom Brown (Tier 3)  

‘Personable and works well with clients, and the attention to detail is always impressive. Advocacy is a real strength of Tom’s – he focuses on the issues and can guide judges through complex and tricky areas of cases. Always available when you need him.’  

Catherine Casserley (Tier 3)  

‘Catherine’s knowledge of discrimination law is absolutely first class, and she is approachable, helpful and a total pleasure to work with. She builds a good rapport with clients and is sensitive to those clients suffering with mental health challenges. She has a particularly effective cross-examination style and is respectful within the tribunal. Excellent attention to detail and she gets to the real grips of the case with ease.’  

Olivia-Faith Dobbie (Tier 3)  

‘An excellent employment barrister- highly recommended.’  

Daniel Dyal (Tier 4)  

‘Confident, clear, excellent with the client and very well prepared. A joy to work with.’  

Caroline Musgrave-Cohen(Tier 4)  

‘Good attention to detail and easy to work with – she becomes part of the team.’  

Adam Ohringer (Tier 4)  

‘Incredibly talented in being able to digest at speed high volumes of information, and extract all relevant information to drill down to the main issues. Adam is also incredibly good and approachable with clients, and able to explain the situation in a manner in which clients can understand and feel reassured in potentially stressful and worrying situations. Highly recommended.’  

Sheryn Omeri (Tier 4) 

Her key strengths are her clarity of opinions and advice, very focused, confident approach when dealing with Tribunal panel, and with a great system for preparing for trial. Sheryn makes sure she knows the case and is very strong on discrimination – you feel Sheryn is on your side and believes in the case being fought.’   

Akua Reindorf (Tier 4)  

‘As well as being extremely knowledgeable, Akua provides clear, pragmatic, commercial advice that is tailored to the client. She understands a situation very quickly and makes the most complex concepts clear to understand. Her advocacy is exceptional – brilliant to watch. She is always a pleasure to work with and very popular with the clients.’  

Sarah Fraser Butlin (Tier 4)  

‘A pleasure to work with. A first-class brain coupled with a friendly and personable style with clients makes Sarah a go-to barrister in the employment field.’  

Rachel Barrett (Tier 5) 

Fantastic junior, who is bright, engaged and great with clients.’  

Nathaniel Caiden (Tier 5) 

‘A real gem who will go out of his way to help. Always seems to be available, and has superb analysis of complex claims.’  

Jennifer Danvers (Tier 5) 

A total joy to work with. Jennifer is exceptionally bright, immensely hard-working and extremely approachable. The quality of her written work, as well as her Tribunal advocacy and her advice in conference, is superb – one to watch.’  

Chesca Lord (Tier 5)  

‘Thorough and thoughtful in approach – works well with leading counsel.’  


Clinical Negligence  

Simon Taylor QC (Tier 1)  

‘Simon has an excellent understanding of technical medical issues. His insight is invaluable.’  

William Latimer-Sayer QC (Tier 2)  

‘William has a phenomenal grasp of quantum issues – he is second to none.’  

Patricia Hitchcock QC (Tier 3)  

‘She combines a towering intellect with a really friendly demeanour.’  

Joel Donovan QC (Tier 4)  

‘A quiet assassin. He is tactically very astute, super bright, and has a steely resolve when required.’  

Simon Dyer QC (Tier 5)  

‘A silk of very sound judgement, who is excellent with clients and experts.’ 

Anna Beale (Tier 3)  

‘Extremely hardworking, methodical and with a keen eye for detail. A junior who is empathetic with seriously injured and vulnerable clients. ’  

Sarah Fraser Butlin (Tier 3)  

‘She is a quietly fierce advocate who gets to the heart of the matter. ’  

Tamar Burton (Tier 4)   

‘She has a good tactical brain, and her attention to detail is exceptional. She gets to grips with complex cases quickly.’  

Linda Jacobs (Tier 4)  

‘Linda is thorough and very approachable. Her calm nature reassures clients.’  

Chesca Lord (Tier 4)   

Chesca is a good strategic thinker, and always provides clear, detailed advice.’  

Martyn McLeish (Tier 4)  

‘He is very analytical and forensic in his approach to a case, and very thorough on his feet.’  

Catriona Stirling (Tier 4)   

Excellent on her feet, provides sensible and pragmatic advice, and her analysis is considered and thorough.’  


Civil Liberties & Human Rights  

Robin Allen QC (Tier 3)  

‘Always responsive, helpful and prepared to go the extra mile for clients. Extremely easy to work with – so personable, thoughtful and kind. Laser sharp intelligence.’  

Schona Jolly QC (Tier 4)  

Schona is a keen intellect and a practical and yet creative thinker. She is a strong and unwavering advocate with in-depth knowledge and expertise of civil liberties and human rights with the domestic and ECHR frameworks. 

Claire McCann (Tier 3)  

‘The ultimate iron fist in a velvet glove. She is able to unravel complex issues and deliver clear, quick and high impact advice with sensitivity.’  


Inquests & Inquiries  

Linda Jacobs (Tier 3)  

‘Very good on the medical issues and excellent with clients.’  


Personal Injury, Industrial Disease and Insurance Fraud   

William Latimer-Sayer QC (Tier 1)  

‘William is the leading silk when it comes to quantum. He literally wrote the book on quantification of damages in personal injury cases.’  

Patricia Hitchcock QC (Tier 3)  

Joel Donovan QC (Tier 4)  

‘He has a thorough and considered approach, as well as an ability to maintain a calm demeanour in demanding negotiations.’  

Daniel Lawson (Tier 1)  

‘Unquestionably one of the leading claimant PI juniors.’  

Tamar Burton (Tier 5)   

 ‘A wonderful advocate who is dominant in court and exceptionally well prepared.’