Schona Jolly QC to join IBA panel: whistleblowing in the Covid-19 era

International Bar Association seminar: Whistleblowing and whistleblower protections in the Covid-19 era

Whistleblowers have been a prominent feature of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. From the Chinese doctor who first sought to highlight the novel coronavirus, to medics across the globe who have blown the whistle on supply shortages, whistleblowers have been a vital source of information during the pandemic. But too often attempts have been made to silence these voices – China’s Dr Li was ordered by police to ‘stop making false comments’, while numerous doctors and nurses have lost their jobs for speaking up. This reality sits uneasily with the efforts made in many jurisdictions in recent years to implement robust whistleblower protection laws. Are these protections sufficient? Will Covid-19 inspire new whistleblowing legislation? What has the crisis taught us to date about whistleblowing and whistleblower protections in the modern era?

Schona Jolly QC will be part of the panel at this timely International Bar Association (IBA) interactive seminar. Do register and join us.