Our barristers work with a very wide range of organisations both here and abroad.  They are used to taking the special needs of organisations into account in devising wise and effective solutions to difficult legal problems.

For instance, our barristers have advised and supported organisations committed to the well-being and interest of their members, such as major Trade Unions, the Engineering Employers’ Federation, the Spinal Injuries Association, and the Law Centre’s Federation.

They work frequently with major universities and local government and also with the Local Government Association.

Our barristers regularly work with important non-governmental organisations such as the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Acton for the Victims of Medical Accidents, and Inquest; they have helped charities such as Age UK, and Cancer Research with their legal work.  

Internationally our barristers work with many different organisations such as Age Europe, the European Rights Academy, and the Harvard Project on Disability. Projects have included drafting proposed legislation, giving advice and composing submissions to international and foreign domestic courts.

We always welcome the opportunity to develop strong working relationships with NGOs.

To discuss your needs please contact our clerks by e-mail, telephone or use the Request a Call Back form on the floating tab down the right-hand side and we will contact you.

You’ll find us flexible, approachable, knowledgeable and supportive.