Paul Epstein QC seminar on the NHS framework document Maintaining High Professional Standards


Maintaining High Professional Standards In The Mordern NHS

Paul Epstein Q.C.

Maintaining High Professional Standards (“MHPS”)

1. As is well-known, in December 2003 the Department of Health issued its framework document, MHPS, for the handling of concerns about doctors and dentists employed in the NHS in England, in two parts, Part I concerned with “action when a concern arises” and Part II concerned with “restriction of practice and exclusion from work”.

2. In February 2005 the DoH issued the final framework document, following national agreement between the DoH, the NHS Confederation, the BMA and the British Dental Association.

3. The Secretary of State for Health issued directions coming into force on 17 February 2005 requiring all NHS bodies in England to “implement the framework by 1 June 2005”. Those directions provided that HC(90)9 and HSE(82)13 were withdrawn.

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