Arbitration / Mediation


At Cloisters recognise that going to court or tribunal is by no means the only way of resolving disputes. Alternative means of dispute resolution are becoming increasingly important, particularly at work, in commerce and sport. Evidence is growing that mediations are a cheaper and more satisfactory way for clients to secure acceptable outcomes in resolving disputes.

Cloisters' mediation team offers expert assistance in all forms of mediation and arbitration, whether acting as an independent mediator or arbitrator or acting for clients.

Our barristers are flexible and quick thinking; you can feel assured that they will bring fairness, experience and authority to mediation.

We have a team of trained mediators with experience at every level of seniority.

Our Team

  • Robin Allen QC
  • Joel Donovan QC
  • Paul Epstein QC
  • Patricia Hitchcock QC
  • Caspar Glyn QC
  • Jason Galbraith-Marten QC
  • Rachel Crasnow QC
  • Simon Dyer QC
  • Schona Jolly QC
  • Ed Williams QC
  • Andrew Buchan
  • Catherine Casserley
  • Sally Robertson
  • Adam Ohringer
  • Catriona Stirling
  • Nathaniel Caiden
  • Navid Pourghazi

Robin Allen QC, Joel Donovan QC and Martyn McLeish are appointed PlcARBS (Personal Injury Claims Arbitration Service) arbitrators.

Our Associate Delroy Duncan is a trained mediator and arbitrator, based in Bermuda.

Our Facilities

Cloisters is situated in the heart of London. In many cases, we are able to offer our conveniently arranged conferencing suite for the mediation, saving you and your client valuable time and expense. All of our conference rooms have a hearing loop and wifi.

The main entrance for visitors is on Elm Court. The conference suite is also accessed from Elm Court. Our postal address and delivery address is:

1 Pump Court

Getting started

Our exceptional clerking team will match your mediation needs with the right member of our mediation team. Fees are variable to ensure cost effective assistance for mediation at all levels.

Please contact the Clerk's team via email for more information.