Commercial Law


Our barristers have expertise across a broad range of commercial law disputes. They are regularly instructed to appear in commercial and common law litigation at all levels, as well as domestic and international arbitrations.

Cloisters' formidable reputation as a leading Employment Law set is a testament to its particular expertise in respect to the commercial aspects of the employment relationship.

Recent cases range across a broad spectrum of commercial disputes from complex commercial wrongdoing in the tech sector to enforcement of restrictive covenants for a media organisation facing client poaching. Clients range from celebrities such as P Diddy, to media publications such as the Independent and higher education institutions including the London School of Economics, to name just a few.

Various members, at different levels of seniority, are able to accept instructions direct from members of the public and from organisations.

Our work includes:

  • Bonus and commission disputes
  • Unlawful competitive activity, restrictive covenants and garden leave
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Director's duties and remedies for Director's misfeasance / misconduct
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Injunctive relief (both interim and final)
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Sale of goods
  • Confidentiality and database rights
  • Partnership disputes
  • Arbitrations
  • Commercial agents' regulations
  • Commercial aspects of sports law

Our barristers for Commercial Law




Robin Allen QC

Year of silk: 1995

Paul Epstein QC

Year of silk: 2006

Daphne Romney QC

Year of silk: 2009

Jacques Algazy QC*

Year of silk: 2012

Caspar Glyn QC

Year of silk: 2012

Jason Galbraith-Marten QC

Year of silk: 2014

Rachel Crasnow QC

Year of silk: 2015

Schona Jolly QC

Year of silk: 2017

Tom Coghlin QC

Year of silk: 2018

Ed Williams QC

Year of silk: 2018

Paul Michell

Year of call: 1991

Tom Brown

Year of call: 2000

Adam Ohringer

Year of call: 2001

Chris Milsom

Year of call: 2006

Olivia-Faith Dobbie

Year of call: 2007

Nathaniel Caiden

Year of call: 2009

Sheryn Omeri

Year of call: 2010

Jonathan Cook

Year of call: 2017

Charlotte Goodman

Year of call: 2019

Jonathan Mitchell QC

Year of call: 1979

Delroy B Duncan QC

Year of call: 1984