Discrimination & Equality


Cloisters is at the heart of all the major equality and discrimination cases. Our barristers play an important role in the development of law and policy in this area. We cover every aspect of discrimination and equality law and work on the most complex, high profile and high value cases as advisers and advocates.

We regularly advise and act on behalf of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. During the passage of the Equality Act 2010 we were involved in drafting amendments and briefings as well as advising several NGO and statutory bodies on the implications of the Act for future policy and practice.

Cloisters barristers also work internationally on equality and discrimination law issues, advising and drafting submissions in Europe and in international courts.

Our barristers for Discrimination & Equality




Robin Allen QC

Year of silk: 1995

Paul Epstein QC

Year of silk: 2006

Daphne Romney QC

Year of silk: 2009

Jacques Algazy QC*

Year of silk: 2012

Caspar Glyn QC

Year of silk: 2012

Jason Galbraith-Marten QC

Year of silk: 2014

Rachel Crasnow QC

Year of silk: 2015

Schona Jolly QC

Year of silk: 2017

Tom Coghlin QC

Year of silk: 2018

Ed Williams QC

Year of silk: 2018

Declan O’Dempsey

Year of call: 1987

Catherine Casserley

Year of call: 1991

Yvette Genn

Year of call: 1991

Paul Michell

Year of call: 1991

John Horan

Year of call: 1993

Sally Cowen

Year of call: 1995

Sally Robertson

Year of call: 1995

Akua Reindorf

Year of call: 1999

Tom Brown

Year of call: 2000

Claire McCann

Year of call: 2000

Anna Beale

Year of call: 2001

Adam Ohringer

Year of call: 2001

Dee Masters

Year of call: 2004

Sarah Fraser Butlin

Year of call: 2005

Chris Milsom

Year of call: 2006

Olivia-Faith Dobbie

Year of call: 2007

Caroline Musgrave-Cohen

Year of call: 2008

Nathaniel Caiden

Year of call: 2009

Sheryn Omeri

Year of call: 2010

Chesca Lord

Year of call: 2011

Rachel Barrett

Year of call: 2012

Tamar Burton

Year of call: 2012

Jennifer Danvers

Year of call: 2012

Jonathan Cook

Year of call: 2017

Ruaraidh Fitzpatrick

Year of call: 2017

Laurene Veale

Year of call: 2019

Charlotte Goodman

Year of call: 2019

Josh Jackson

Year of call: 2020

Dr Melanie Sharp

Year of call: 2020

Ameer Ismail (Pupil)

Year of call: 2021

Lameesa Iqbal (Pupil)

Year of call: 2021

Prof Alan Neal

Year of call: 1975

Sir Stephen Sedley

Year of call: 1983

Michael Potter

Year of call: 1988

Jonathan Mitchell QC

Year of call: 1979

Dame Laura Cox

Year of call: 1973

Brian Napier QC

Year of call: 1986
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