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Our barristers act for football clubs and players from the premier league down, as well as for a diverse range of sports bodies and personalities.

These have included Chelsea, Spurs, Hull City and Newcastle, other domestic clubs such as Norwich and Middlesbrough, as well as for Seville in respect of team and employee moves.

We have handled discrimination and contract claim cases relating to players such as Sergei Rebrov and Kevin Keegan and other commercial agreements including investors in third party rights.Media expertise includes defamation, copyright, and passing off.

As well as acting for a number of media clients we also act as libel readers and advisers at national newspapers and magazines.

Our barristers for Sport & Entertainment




Robin Allen KC

Year of silk: 1995

Paul Epstein KC

Year of silk: 2006

Daphne Romney KC

Year of silk: 2009

Jacques Algazy KC*

Year of silk: 2012

Caspar Glyn KC

Year of silk: 2012

Jason Galbraith-Marten KC

Year of silk: 2014

Schona Jolly KC

Year of silk: 2017

Tom Coghlin KC

Year of silk: 2018

Declan O’Dempsey

Year of call: 1987

Paul Michell

Year of call: 1991

Nathaniel Caiden

Year of call: 2009

Jonathan Cook

Year of call: 2017

Jonathan Mitchell KC

Year of call: 1979
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