Practical guide to preparing for remote hearings

Since March 2020, social distancing guidelines have prevented Employment Tribunals and Civil Courts holding hearings face to face. The use of remote hearings has rapid accelerated to fill the void and ensure the continued operation of the justice system. Remote hearings present unique challenges in terms of effective use of technology, the home environment and participant conduct.

Here is a practical guide from Caroline Musgrave which draws on the learning of the Civil Justice Council rapid review of “The impact of Covid-19 measures on the civil justice system”, the Judicial College Equal Treatment Bench Book guide “Good Practice for Remote Hearings” and the experience of colleagues and associates to provide practical guidance as to how we can prepare our clients and ourselves for full participation in remote hearings.

If your firm would like a training session or client briefing to assist in preparation for remote hearings then please contact the Cloisters clerks team by email: or by telephone: 0207 827 4000.