Cloisters’ pupils reflect on their first four months of pupillage

Four months on since they joined us, our pupils Ameer Ismail and Lameesa Iqbal reflect on their experience at Cloisters so far, their expectations vs reality and the work they have undertaken in their first seats.  

Ameer started in an Employment seat mentored by Chris Milsom and has now moved into a Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence with Anna Beale.  

Lameesa was supervised by Chesca Lord in her first seat, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence, and is led by Rachel Barrett in her second seat of Employment. 


I have had a wonderful start to pupillage at Cloisters. From my first day, I have found members of chambers (that I have met in-person and online!) to be warm and welcoming. The environment is so different to the horror stories you read on forums or in books ‘preparing for pupillage’. The barristers I have met have made it very clear that the first few months of pupillage are primarily for learning and professional growth. That assurance, knowing that I can make mistakes so long as I learn from them, relieves the pressure and has helped me enjoy the whole experience. 

The work has also been challenging and rewarding. During my employment law seat, I observed and assisted on a number of appellate-level cases in the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the Court of Appeal. As well as being able to learn from excellent advocates, I have been engaged in the intellectual exercise of drafting speaking notes, skeleton arguments and conducting legal research on novel issues. This is why I came to the Bar!   


I began my pupillage under the supervision of Chesca Lord, focusing on personal injury and clinical negligence law. 

I experienced an exciting mix of high-level led work, as well as the day-to-day workload of an experienced junior barrister who is a quantum specialist. I learned how to draft detailed and complex Schedules of Loss, joint expert agendas, approval advices, and pleadings. I also witnessed several Joint Settlement Meetings led by a variety of Chambers’ QCs.  

A highlight of this work for me has been securing multi-million pound settlements for claimants with life-changing injuries; in one case, a mother who sustained a brain injury as a result of a negligent medical procedure and consequently had her children removed from her care; in another, a child who suffered a severe brain injury after being struck by a van. Whilst money can never make up for what has happened to these claimants, having access to the care and therapy they need to enable the best possible quality of life is of vital importance to them and their families. 

I am eager to begin building my practice in these areas of law from April 2022. Currently, I am supervised by Rachel Barrett for my employment law seat. 

Pupillage applications for 2023 close on 9th February 2022 at 2pm. Click here to read Chesca Lord’s pupillage application tips.