Robin Allen QC comments on BBC footage of firms’ failure to provide disability access

Robin Allen QC, Cloisters head of Chambers and a leading expert in equality law was asked for his expert opinion on BBC London ‘Inside Out ‘ investigation footage that showed a large number of  high street chains still seen to be failing to accommodate people with disabilities.

Two BBC researchers, one blind with a guide dog and one wheelchair bound, documented their experience with pinhole cameras.

Some of the top chains were seen to fail to provide ramps for the wheelchair and five mini cabs were seen to refuse to take the guide-dog.

After viewing the footage, Mr Allen said: “What I have seen in terms of the drivers who refused to take the guide dog appeared to be a clear case of a criminal offence.”

Of the stores he said:

“If they fail to make reasonable adjustments and an individual is denied access to facilities on an equal basis, they will be in breach of the law – the disabled people will be entitled to compensation.”

For BBC news coverage go to:

For live coverage: BBC London Today ‘Inside Out’ 7.30pm, 10 November 2014.