Schona Jolly QC on BBC World News: Why the world must act now to protect the Rohingya

Schona Jolly QC appeared on BBC World News today to discuss human rights concerns of the Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar. 

Schona explained that the urgent priority is to ensure that there is no continued impunity, that access is needed to Rakhine state in order to collect and preserve evidence and that the international community must act now to ensure accountability for atrocity crimes, including putting pressure on the Security Council to refer Myanmar to the ICC for investigation now or for the international establishment of an alternative accountability mechanism.

Last month Schona addressed the All Party Parliamentary Group chaired by Rushanara Ali MP on whether events in Myanmar meet the legal threshold for genocide and what the international community, and in particular the UK government, should be doing next.

You can read more of Schona’s views on the Rohingya Myanmar crisis here.