Schona Jolly QC on plugging the post-Brexit human rights gap


Schona Jolly 267x400Human rights and equalities lawyer Schona Jolly QC warns that the government’s refusal to incorporate the EU Charter of Rights into UK law will weaken human rights protections. 

In an article published in the Guardian yesterday, Schona explains that the government’s analysis “fails to tackle the legal reality that abandoning the charter indeed does remove rights that UK citizens currently enjoy and adds to the complexity, confusion and uncertainty surrounding the basis to protect and enforce substantive rights post-Brexit.” She added, “If the government is truly committed to non-regression of rights, it must commit itself in statute. Its weak legal analysis, conducted as an act of self-justification after having already taken the decision to drop the charter, falls demonstrably and critically short in plugging the post-Brexit rights gap.”

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