Sexual harassment in the workplace, a new report from EHRC

On Tuesday 27th March, the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched their report into sexual harassment in the workplace.

The report ‘Turning the Tables: Ending Sexual Harassment at Work’ shares evidence about sexual harassment in the workplace gathered from individuals and employers, and includes a framework of recommendations for change. 

It shares evidence gathered from around 1,000 individuals and employers between December 2017 and February 2018. The report looks at how sexual harassment is dealt with by employers and uses the evidence from individuals who have experienced sexual harassment at work to recommend improvement.

Specialist employment and equality law barrister Chris Milsom was consulted during the initial review and many of his recommended reforms were adopted in the paper.  Of the review Chris commented that “This is an important step in ensuring harassment protection has the teeth it needs to be enforceable. Mandatory reporting, records of investigations, restriction of NDAs and the restoration of third party harassment will help to ensure that time is truly up for corrosive workplace environments. It can only be hoped that Parliament runs with the baton.

Download and read the full report here