SPLash (advice on shared parental leave) website now LIVE


By Claire McCann

An alliance of organisations with expertise in employment law and issues affecting parents at work have created SPLash, a website dedicated to providing advice on the new rights relating to shared parental leave. 

The legislation governing these rights can be complex to navigate and SPLash hopes to provide much needed clarification on the exercise of rights to shared parental leave and pay. 

The alliance is made up of Cloisters, YESS, Maternity Action, Working Families, Practical Law and Old Square Chambers.  The purpose of SPLash is to share knowledge and best practice on shared parental leave and the website can be found here.

Cloisters is delighted to be participating in SPLash.  The most recent of SPLash’s fact sheets, authored by Rachel Crasnow QC, Claire McCann & Sian McKinley, all barristers at Cloisters, concern the right to return to work after a period of shared parental leave and can be found here (for employers) and here (for employees)