Whistle-blower doctor challenges MOD over sacking by text


Cloisters’ barrister Schona Jolly appears for whistle-blower, Dr Stephen Frost, who was fired by text after requesting a police investigation into the dispensing of morphine sulphate tablets at an army base near Blackpool.

Dr Frost, who has been granted leave to challenge the MOD at the Employment Tribunal, claims he was not told why his contract was terminated, was not given the opportunity to defend himself and has since suffered stress, anxiety and depression as the result.

The full hearing is due to be heard in the summer.

Dr Frost was a campaigner for an inquiry into the death of UN weapon expert David Kelly found dead at the height of the Iraq dossier scandal. The Hutton inquiry concluded that Kelly had committed suicide. Frost among others, expressed doubt about that conclusion and campaigned for a full inquiry.